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All Access

Investing in the growth of your company is essential to your personal, professional, and financial well-being.


The focus of the All Access program is structure and accountability. A group of people united from around the world who have one thing in common, the desire to live a life for a greater purpose. Operating a healthcare company is challenging, you have most likely overcome many things that hold others back. There is never the right time to elevate your company strategy, but learning mergers & acquisitions from a private equity firm specializing in the healthcare vertical could offer you the best systems available.


We promise to expose all the secrets of the industry and help you structure your acquisition deals in the most effective way possible.

Whether you're looking to grow your company, realign your mindset after a long time in the same career path with the same annual goals, or you’re simply seeking to become a stronger individual by gaining knowledge that is not provided at ivy league universities or business schools, this could be the perfect time for you to start. 


Want more out of your professional life? If you're not settling for anything other than your Greater Purpose, then this is for you. The KVLR All Access Program prepares you to  master every area of growth and mergers & acquisitions.


Your Access Includes:

  1. Bi-Weekly Q&A - KVLR's CEO, David Krainert, joins LIVE for a bi-weekly virtual session

  2. Group Meetings with other healthcare executives

  3. ALL ACCESS Group Chat offering Insider advice from KVLR Capital specializing in Healthcare

  4. How to Structure -No Capital- upfront transaction structures in M&A

  5. How to Build Your M&A system starting with less that $50 per month

  6. Monthly Giveaways & Contests for Members with Successful Pending Transactions

  7. Video Training library exclusively for ALL-ACCESS members


Bonuses of this Private Community:

  • Discussions on ideal mergers & acquisitions for your company operations and team culture

  • Mentorship Provided to Overcome The Greatest Challenges of M&A operations

  • Mobile and Desktop capabilities to the ALL ACCESS group

  • Best habits to have your team support all M&A initiatives

  • M&A playbook and latest news relevant to your healthcare sector

  • All your questions answered bi-weekly by David Krainert

  • World-class technical support and accountability to help you win

Program Value: $45,000:

Monthly Program Investment: $2880

One-time investment: $31,560

*One-time membership payment not required. One-time payments receive a credit of $3,000 

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