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Master  Growth with Premier Lifestyle & Private Equity Training


Inner Circle

If your desire is to make something exciting happen in your professional and personal life, the inner circle helps executives get unstuck and tap into new opportunities within their first 30 day period. This group is certainly not for many, it required you to have growth goals and belief that will radically change your life within the next year. You work together with KVLR's CEO to break through limitations and gain the skills to acquire companies of your choice, inspire your team, and connect with others in the group. Entrepreneurs often have beliefs that are sabotaging their growth, one of the most frequent comments is "not enough time". When time because your problem, that is the last and final sign that the individual is stuck and unless their goals and objectives are refocused, there will be true fulfillment.

The executives sit down weekly on a video call to go through mergers & acquisitions case studies and mental exercises. We evaluate progress but you’ll also have access to a private accountability group to keep you focused and on track for success. To describe this program in one sentence, the inner circle is aligned with your greater purpose.



  1. This is individualized programming with goal setting, weekly evaluations, and check-ins to keep you on track.

  2. Access to private group app

  3. Interactive calendar 

  4. Weekly Progress Discussions

  5. Daily communication & support

  6. Access to weekly 1-1 coaching calls



  1. This exclusive group is structured to unite executives from all around the world

  2. The mission here is to coach you on how to grow your organization while you  become an expert in assessing healthcare mergers & acquisitions to execute

  3.  Learn from a team of professionals who completed more than $5 billion dollars in transactional value. (Track record available upon request)

  4. Realign your mindset and position your company to achieve a greater purpose

  5. Bi-Weekly Q&A Video Sessions with the CEO of KVLR Capital, David Krainert

  6. M&A Training Videos and Other Exclusive Resources

  7. Private Community of Healthcare Executives to Network With 

The KVLR executive programs are available for executives seeking to achieve success through mergers & acquisitions (M&A). The materials covered in our programs are not part of any curriculum taught at business schools or in ivy league case studies. Frankly, not conducting mergers & acquisitions holds companies  back from independence and tremendous growth. Our company growth strategies do not require building an infrastructure from the ground up, forming a new company, or recruiting new physicians and executives. All programs are structured to help you avoid unnecessary expenses and avoiding the risk of underperformance. We work with entrepreneurs, executives, physicians, and healthcare professionals to help them become the best versions of themselves by overcoming all challenges related to mergers & acquisitions.

Our Executive Coaching program was created to help you conquer any mental constraints during 1-on-1 weekly sessions. The executive program positions you as the leader of your team to drive your organization forward. You can expect to learn the real reason private equity selects to acquire established companies instead of starting them. The method is quite simple once you gain the knowledge, experience not required if you're currently operating a company of your own. An M&A strategy is a better investment on your time and serves well as a risk-averse growth strategy. One thing to keep in mind, our training will primarily be based on cash-flow focused acquisitions and exclude ventures involving start-ups or companies without sufficient free cash flow.

We ensure your success by providing the most up-to-date information, covering methods which investment bankers, institutional investors, and banks never share with you. We are not licensed to sell you retirement products nor offer you to invest in any of our funds. The mission here is to coach you to grow your organization while becoming an expert in executing mergers & acquisitions from a team of professionals who completed more than $5 billion dollars in transactional value. (Track record available upon request)

6 Reasons to drive growth implementing M&A:

  1. Foolproof system to leverage your company's finances and your personal time.

  2. Learn using a step-by-step blueprint to improving quality factors and proper review of financials

  3. Live Virtual Events specifically designed to help scale YOUR company and team

  4. Available resources and support you need to master your company growth

  5. Learn how to secure debt for your acquisitions and structure equity

  6. Learn many methods used by private equity to align interests with healthcare acquisition prospects


In case you are curious about our culture here at KVLR, the culture we develop provides an experience designed to guide people through the process of scaling your careers, companies, developing your people, and mastering the art of mergers & acquisitions. Due to the decades of experience our Board of Directors obtained in healthcare operations, we believe KVLR allows for an opportunity to learn from each of them and break down broken beliefs among healthcare executives and establish a foundation to help you identify the most attractive mergers and acquisitions for your company. All of the programs provide operational effectiveness on an individual level and cultivate the elements of exponential growth used in private equity.


It is important to us all of our programs focus on developing your skills to identify the gaps in your company and the appropriate process to hire & retain top talent. You can expect to learn from execution of offers and not by theory.

Image by Pablo Heimplatz

m&a Secrets

  1. Scaling your company through mergers & acquisitions (M&A) will maximize your enterprise value and help you leverage your time effectively. 

  2. You can not scale through M&A without first learning from those who have done it before. Without the proper education, financial plan, and debt financing partners,  chances for success are minimal.

  3. The Inner Circle offers the best practices in private equity, taught by David Krainert and the remarkable team at KVLR Capital. 

  4. For you to serve your team at the highest level, you will need crystal clear data to move your business forward. KVLR helps you organize all data required and already available to your company.

  5. The best method to increase profitability and sustainability is to increase your cash flow.

  6. Understanding how to interpret basic financial statements takes 24 hours to learn.

  7. Quality factors affect your business valuation & improving them with KVLR will maximize opportunity.

  8. Financially incentivizing your team based on long term performance is better than today's numbers.

  9. ​Bringing on partners or private equity could be a good thing, but first learning M&A yourself is best

  10. Company productivity, recruitment costs, insurance rates, admin expenses, and the effects of inflation can be best addressed through proper consolidation and integration in an M&A deal.


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