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Executive Coaching

The executive coaching is a 12-week program that offers professional and personal life enhancement strategies with complete accountability. As part of the professional training, you learn the mergers & acquisitions strategy as used by private equity and we provide the blueprints for you and your team to follow on implementing a system that works in your favor. Our team and you build your scripts for negotiations and design an accountability system that works with your schedule. To help you take things to the next level we offer an individualized approach that does not require you to know finance beforehand as we cover all of the basics with you. One piece of history that often goes untold, is that arguably one of the best CEO's of all time, the great Jack Welch, did not know finance when appointed as CEO of General Electric, and was actually trained by the CEO of the current largest private equity firm, Stephen Schwarzman of Blackstone.


What You Can Expect

Firstly, our team members and CEO check-in to keep you on track

and moving forward on a consistent basis.


You can expect the executive program to require you to set bi-weekly goals and make yourself available weekly for a 20-30 minute virtual individual evaluation and one hour allocated for group executive meetings per week to help with everyone's questions and concerns. By the completion of the 12-week program, your company will have an acquisition pipeline built, given that KVLR provides you with all of the necessary tools to ensure success and all video sessions from the evaluations and group coaching sessions. We walk you and your team through the steps on how private equity firms review financials, help you properly review financials of any acquisition prospect during our group sessions, and train you on negotiating acquisition opportunities to secure funding when necessary to complete your acquisitions. Our methodology is to teach you counterintuitive approaches to investments in healthcare that have been proven to scale company growth.

What KVLR Expects of You

If you desire to join this program you should be eager to learn how successful companies scale to $100 million in revenue and beyond. We expect you to devote your efforts to learn directly from the leaders who scaled some of the largest healthcare systems in the country.  KVLR's CEO will ask you participate in the discussions as he covers the fundamentals of raising debt for an acquisition to how to properly execute an exit strategy for long-term success. The Executive Coaching system is designed to build your entrepreneurial journey in just 10-15 minutes a day.


To become your best self, we expect to see you push yourself and not wait for the perfect time to start implementing. We do not expect you to replace your current responsibilities, whether they are full-time or part-time commitments at your company this program will not be in the way. Committing 1-2 hours a week to complete your initial mergers & acquisitions training will be enough to build a system in your company that works when you're not working. KVLR prides itself as an accountability partner and if you are comfortable with being accountable then we will walk you through all of the steps to help achieve your professional and personal goals. 


How To Become A Member

If you're interested in the program for yourself or one of your executive team members, apply below or email to learn more.


This program was created to be as simple as possible for members to follow and win. 


Here are all of the tools provided to you with your membership:


  2. 1-Year All Access Membership ($34,560 program)




  6. Access to all group meeting recordings + note-taking tools

  7. List of institutions to secure debt for your acquisition if needed

  8. Daily practice email summaries with exercises for you and your team

  9. Ask David or the KVLR board a question (submit your questions each week by email)

Valuable Bonuses:

  • Access to private app with access support and M&A documents such as NDA, PSA, and MSA.

  • How to automated deal sourcing process and call scheduling 

  • Library of training videos to enhance your M&A training

  • Monthly Progress Video Calls With David Krainert 

  • Networking and investment opportunities among others    


Program Value: $75,000:

Weekly Investment: $5,250 ($63,000 total) 

One-time investment: $60,000

*One-time membership payment not required. One-time payments receive a credit of $3,000 


The Executive Coaching Program is a 12-week, jam-packed experience designed to guide you through the process of scaling with mergers & acquisitions, building leadership teams with an alignment of interest to minimize turn over, developing your entry and mid-level people, and mastering the art of negotiations.


In this interactive program, you obtain the essential skills to identify the gaps in your business most companies never address.


This isn’t just another program you join and are given a laundry list of things to do. We do not offer coaching to start up ventures, unless you have reaching $1MM ARR. 

The program is designed to teach you how to IMPLEMENT any critical tasks and strategies, helping you save many years of hard earned experience based on failures or bad negotiations. Leadership is about learning the best practices and delivering them to your team.


Executive coaching encompasses how to hire the right people, how to monitor that macro and micro economics without using excel, and KVLR's Best Practices to source and underwrite acquisitions.


There are steps to success you have not yet taken - to continue achieving career fulfilment and your desired positive outcomes we all must become the absolute best version of ourselves.

If you're interested in the program for yourself or one of your executive team members, apply below or email to learn more.

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