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The Firm

We offer physician groups options for growth when choosing to affiliate with KVLR Capital. Our integration model aligns the interest of physicians, the practice staff, and patients. Partnering with practices across multiple specialties, our management solutions team deliver physicians a peace of mind by operating as your back-end support partner.

Doctor's Appointment


Our goal is to consistently help you in providing quality care, monitoring the health and wellness of your patients. The best part in becoming our partner is the opportunity to grow your professional career or transition with time and retain ownership in the management of your practice.

Our team has walked in your shoes, operated in complex regulatory situations, and worked at creating operational efficiencies and scale in healthcare and other consumer-centered sectors. 

We’ve come together with industry experts to help you discover what’s next for your practice and the people on your team.

The Vision of KVLR

Our purpose is to provide exceptional management to our partners and portfolio companies.  Our model is exclusive to physicians and healthcare-focused executives who choose to affiliate with the best-in-class. KVLR comes together with industry experts to collaborate on the discovery of innovative approaches and operations that enhance the company culture and growth of our partners. 

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