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    The right partnership meet's today's needs of the company while influencing the opportunities of tomorrow.​ A successful growth process is transparent with a due diligence approach that takes in consideration a macro economic perspective. Whether you have decided on your exit strategy, seeking a partner for long-term growth, or seeking a second opinion, do keep in mind our team is here to provide complimentary company valuation regardless of the outcome. 

  • Primarily control buyouts

  • Growth equity investments for companies with $20+ million in revenue

  • Capital infusion that support growth investments and M&A

  • Family-owned businesses, founder-led platforms and other private companies

  • Aligned success model with management teams including equity incentive plans

At KVLR, investing in companies with great people is what we do. Over the years, we acquired prodigious knowledge and comfort operating in highly-regulated conditions and various economic cycles. Our management approach is to put people first, without a trusted team no company will thrive.  



Discovery Call

Schedule an introduction to have a better understanding of your vision, career plans, and goals for your company. We will share our story partnership criteria to see whether there is a mutual fit.


Consolidate Information

Discuss and go through important numbers, and using the information you've provided we will bring the opportunity to our board before presenting you with a proposal.


Target Outcomes

With your goals in mind, our partnership would require rollover equity and an earnout structure to ensure interests are aligned.  


Execution of Strategy

Once an agreement is completed, we will create completion dates for each individual strategy.  The partnership begins with us fulling our commitments.

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