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Simon J. Samaha, MD.

Board Member

Simon Samaha, MD previously served as Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer of The Cooper Health System. He joined Cooper in 1993 for his Internship in Internal Medicine, in 2001, he assumed the role of Vice President and Chief Information Officer. By 2004, he served as Acting Chief Operating Officer and was later appointed to the position of Senior Vice President of Clinical Operations, with oversight of Information Technology, Laboratory, Pharmacy, Radiology, and quality programs. Subsequently, he served as President and CEO of Summit Medical Group (SMG) and managed one of the largest multi-specialty medical groups in NJ, with 225 physicians and revenues exceeded $200MM. Beginning 2012 through 2016, Simon worked as a Partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) in U.S. Strategy. Dr. Samaha holds a Masters in Business Administration from Stern NYU School of Business, an MS degree in Information Science from Drexel University, and a medical degree from Saint Joseph University-Lebanon.

Operational Achievements at The Dermatology Group:

  • Turned around a declining EBITDA, almost doubling on Year 1 Expanded into CT, NY and PA

  • Build-out key operational infrastructure including IT, Revenue Cycle, HR, Compliance, and provider life cycle management

  • Developed monthly forecast models with ability to forecast and manage monthly EBITDA by week 1


Operational Achievements at Summit Medical (SMG): 14% growth YOY

  • Implemented C suite

  • Increased shareholder YOY income by 15%

  • Implemented first commercial risk based contract with Horizon BCBS (NJ)

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