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Careers at KVLR Capital

At KVLR Capital you take control of your vision and we support you along the way. Our firm establishes long-term partnerships with physician groups and healthcare systems nationally, while sustaining an organization of exceptional leadership and people who are passionate about creating positive impact. Our people are an integral part of our success and the most valuable asset we can have is a bright mind with entrepreneurial and professional adeptness. We look to attract people with passion, creativity, and integrity to take on challenges and create a future of opportunities.

"Our people are an integral part of our success.  The most valuable asset we can have is a bright mind with entrepreneurial and professional adeptness.  We seek for people with passion, creativity, and confidence to take on challenges and create a future of opportunities."

Mergers & Acquisition Analyst



  • In contact with executives relating to potential mergers & acquisitions and identifying investment criteria

  • Collaborate well to conduct LBO & DCF valuations (optional)

  • Review financials and other company related information to help conduct preliminary diligence

  • Understanding the preliminary due diligence process and structuring well-organized notes

  • Study via case studies the best practices re: private equity, healthcare operations, MSO structure, sales execution, and financial valuations

Qualification & Personal Qualities Required:

  • Demonstrated track record of academic success and/or professional pursuit in Finance, Private Equity, Accountancy, or Corporate Strategy

  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills

  • Demonstrated quantitative and analytical skills

  • Ability to internalize feedback and improve through coaching and training

  • Interest in financial markets and the evolving healthcare industry trends

Data Science & Research Analyst


  • Develop and enhance your data science skills by identifying patterns and opportunities 

  • Practice the collection, cleaning, and consolidation of large data set to migrate into the system

  • Summarize and report your outcomes of selected data projects

  • Researching, analyzing, interpreting, and presenting data related to healthcare operations 

  • Provide analysis of trends and forecasts based on available credible sources

Qualification & Personal Qualities Required:

  • Completed or near completion of a four year college degree

  • Experience working with data sets and data mining

  • Demonstrated interest in data science, healthcare, finance, or tech

  • Advance knowledge in MS Excel: VBA, Data Models, and Pivot Tables

  • Strong written skills

  • Knowledge in Python, R, C++, and Java

  • Strong communication skills

  • Demonstrated ability to research and write effectively

  • Strong desire to work in a fast-paced team environment

  • Attention to detail

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