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Inner Circle

Every Successful Entrepreneur, Executive, and

High Achiever Is Focused on Winning. The Inner Circle was created for winners in Healthcare 

The KVLR Inner Circle is personalized to offer you 1 on 1 coaching for 12 months to level up your company operations and team performance. Success loves speed, our team values your time for this reason and leads from the middle to support and help you invest wisely.


This program is about working in tandem to help you succeed faster and master every area of your life. Your professional progress is about exceling with your company operations and executing growth strategies through mergers & acquisitions. We track progress by working on unleashing full potential for wealth, health, and happiness.

KVLR offers M&A know-how, mentorship, funding methods, and lifetime access to our executive networks.


Applications are open for 4 weeks and will close in August 2023.  We'll review your application wo days after it is submitted, and contact you if we're a match. Introductory calls are scheduled to learn more about your team, market, and progress. The selection of accepted individuals and companies will be notified three weeks after introduction.

The Inner Circle is Structured to encourage consistency, willpower, and accountability.

Quantum Leap Accelerator: Powered by KVLR Capital

Open to founders of all backgrounds, the Quantum Leap is an accelerator program designed to provide only Inner Circle members access to the best funding structures and entrepreneurial support for professionals who are building the future of Healthcare, M&A, Value Based Care, Health & Wellness e-Commerce Platforms, Digital HC Technology, and Consumer Wellness Brands. This highly competitive program will run in a remote setting and announce a new winner annually. The winner in the accelerator is offered a full 52-week training for their management team of up to 50 members to lead the organization to new heights, along with access to funding for M&A, and bespoke growth strategies for your vertical. All communication are remote and provide complete access to a game-changing investment community. KVLR is launching this program to take steps towards dismantling institutional and systematic barriers that often limit many healthcare professionals access.

Like what you read? Get in touch to learn more. Please note, this program is for executives and entrepreneurs in healthcare who are committed to success and prepared to make a investment in themselves of $100,000 annually to be considered for the program. (Monthly options are available)

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