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James Sinkoff, MBA, CPA

Board Member

    James Sinkoff, MBA, CPA is a healthcare executive with over 25 years of healthcare leadership and management leading large healthcare enterprises. An articulate and emotionally intelligent leader using a mentoring and motivational style to lead colleagues and executive teams in achieving improvement in all aspects of organizational matters. Specific and general achievement pertaining to: board relations/governance, government affairs/advocacy and public policy, legal/regulatory affairs, strategic planning/business innovation, mergers/acquisitions, operations management, human resource management (including union relations), managerial science, capital development and financial management, value based care and practice, marketing, and partnership structures.

    Jim is the key advisor to CEO and Board regarding strategic, governance, financial, operational, and patient services matters. He effectively runs the largest safety federally qualified health system in New York, Hudson River Healthcare. In his career, he completed $200m in mergers & acquisitions, most recently a $100 million merger adding 15 clinical sites, three subsidiary community organizations expanding HRH Care’s geographic scope (the five boroughs of NYC), and scope of practice to include mental health, MAT, homeless health services to more than 235,000 patients. In addition, Mr. Sinkoff negotiated and completed residency training programs with four hospital systems training more than 100 physician and nurse practitioner residents each year, and manages the entire financial, human resources, technology and information/business analytic and care management services of HRHCare, backed by a $315 million budget executed by 1,900 staff and 320 clinicians in 15 counties.

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